About FEED Lures

The FEED brand is a culmination of passion, experience and sheer desire. It is a single-minded approach to providing the best product possible at its price-point. FEED products are for everybody, and that’s our ethos.

Before the first production of FEED Lures were even hand-carved, we had spent over two years searching for the best craftsmen to work on our designs. Countless design prototypes and samples were run through these artisans before each model was ready to bear the name. It was a painstaking process but the results were worth it.

To be able to provide these awesome products to anglers worldwide at a non-exorbitant price was of utmost importance to us. It is something we can be proud of, having a properly made and finished work adorn an avid angler’s tackle bag without the need to charge an arm and a leg for.

So that’s what FEED represents – exceptional fishing tools for every angler.

Beyond that, the FEED Brand is proud to be a platform to showcase the abilities of these craftsmen who yield from this humble region, on top of creating a much-needed source of income for many who are less fortunate than ourselves.

Through our network of friends worldwide we are able to ensure all products go through a rigorous test program which leaves no stone unturned. Only then are they put into the line-up of products, to guaranty satisfaction and much enjoyment for anyone who picks one off the shelf.

We hope you will join the growing band of FEED friends and experience joy where ever your angling journey with FEED Lures takes you.